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SkullZ is setting the stage for the next hyped NFT drop. Our features include:

  • Rekt City rewards for holding tokens.
  • BNB rewards for holding SkullZ NFTs.
  • NFT staking for SkullZ tokens.
  • 3 ways to increase your portfolio.
  • SkullZ are coming.


SkullZ is about to bring NFTs (and earning ROI from assets) to a whole new level! Jump on board now, and get ready to mint and earn rewards...

Tokenomics: 10% Buy (8% Marketing, 2% $BITCH Rewards) / 12% Sell (9% Marketing, 3% $BITCH rewards)

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Mint NFTs

Mint incredible new beautiful SKULLZ NFTs that not only look great, but hold great intrinsic value – as well as earn you BNB simply by holding.

Earn From Staking and Rewards

What other token rewards you for holding the native token, the NFTs, and basically everything else in the project? We are a one-of-a-kind ROI machine!

Earn Rekt City tokens from holding $SKULLZ

Rekt City is a partner project. We're proud to be reflecting their token into your wallets for even more ROI and to help stabilize the mutual BSC economy.

Unique NFT Collection

Our new NFTs boast a beautiful, stylish, and highly collectable design. These are a prize in any collection. Even better than that, these NFTs will earn you BNB rewards automatically. So you are earning BNB and Rekt City tokens at the same time, as long as you hold a SkullZ NFT and the $SKULLZ token!

“Loving the rewards so far, got 2x Rekt City tokens already and it has only been an hour! I am looking forward to earning the BNB too...”

Mike G
SkullZ NFT

Reflections, Reflections

You will be getting both Rekt City tokens for holding $SKULLZ, and you will be earning BNB from holding the NFTs. Plus, we are working on more ROI-based utilities to amplify your earnings. What more could you ask for? If you want the ultimate earning potential, full participation in SkullZ is the best way to earn.

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Where we're headed...

  • Small Exchange / Swap Listings
  • NFT Minter Release + Rewards
  • Other ROI Utilities
  • CG and CMC
  • Tons More Partnerships
  • Marketing Kicks in Heavy
  • NFT Series 2 + New Rewards

Secure your positions now Don't sleep on SkullZ. We are building a TON. Get ready for the next phase of SkullZ. We're going BIG. Massive few weeks ahead, and it's going to be the craziest ride from now until the end of the year 👀 Don't get me started on what's coming after... 🚀

Some stuff has already began to kick off and has been implemented – let's push!